Principal's Message

Happy February Windsong Heights Families,

February is a short month for schools, and seems to go by quickly. Each February, Canadians are invited to participate in Black History Month events that honour the legacy and many outstanding contributions of Black Canadians in our communities. The month – recognized by the House of Commons following a motion introduced by Jean Augustine, the first Black Canadian woman elected to Parliament – celebrates Black culture, history, and the achievements and significant contributions Black Canadians have made to help Canada become the diverse and strong nation it is today. As adults, we should also recognize how the history of some Canadians, such as Black Canadians, has been marginalized. We need to ensure that our children learn about history in a Canadian context and celebrate that Canada and Airdrie is stronger because of our diversity. Diversity is fragile and needs to be protected, celebrated and honoured.

At Windsong Heights School we have a motto of "We are One" and that, as a public school, all are welcome here.  We strive to ensure our students and families have safe and caring environments that respect, promote, and protect the human rights of all students. Each step that we take forward is one step towards creating lasting systemic change for our students, staff and communities.  On occasion, we do encounter problems. As parents, I strongly encourage you to talk with your children about race and belonging. It is never too early. I have included some links below that can serve as a starting point.  Kids have a natural acceptance of each other, and they model the behaviours of adults in their life. "Teaching race awareness and building empathy and emotional literacy will equip (all) children to see race and racism, feel the pain, anger and anguish it's causing ... and then learn to take age-appropriate action." - Dr. Sandra Chapman. Open and honest conversation with your children will help them to learn that we are a community and we are stronger together. Not doing so means they will learn what the world will teach them - something you may not want to leave to chance. 

Thank you for celebrating Black history, both this month and throughout the year. 
Penny Beaudry
Proud Principal of Windsong Heights School


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