Principal's Message

Happy December Windsong Families.

This is often the season of giving in many cultures and religions.  It is also a time to reflect on the many gifts we already have.  One of the greatest gifts we have at Windsong Heights is our families.  Parents are a child's first teacher and the relationship between school and family is key factor in a child's learning.  For this I am grateful.  When the adults in a child's life work together it demonstrates to the child that we are on the same team.  And while it can be a challenge for adults to be on the same page all of the time, those critical conversations are a chance to connect and reflect.  If we look at our motivations and always with the "child first mindset", we can always find a way to work together. 

Our School Council/Friends of Windsong Heights, have done an amazing job supporting the school in many ways.  Recently we were able to purchase an additional 20 ipads and cases for student use through funds raised by our parents (almost $20,000!).  This gift of technology will assist students to update their portfolios and reflect on their learning.  Thank you!!!

Last month I provided some ways that parents can support literacy at home.  In staff discussions, and by completing base line testing, we know that the learning disruptions of the past 18 months have impacted student's math skills. There are many ways you can support numeracy and a child's sense of numbers in a fun way at any age.  I have included a few in this newsletter.  We know that estimating, fractions and basic facts are all in need of a boost and we are working on that as a staff.  When a child knows their basic facts by memory it frees up their brains to learn the new concept being taught.  For example, if looking for a number pattern that has addition to twenty, the child can focus on the pattern identification if they can add 7+7 and 8+8 in their heads. For older students, they can learn the process of order of operations quicker and deeper, if they are able to perform the multiplication and division facts mentally. This is something that can be practiced and reinforced at home for a few minutes each day, in the car on the way to dance, cubs or hockey, with card games (which are more fun than flash cards;). If math was a struggle in school for you, using the language of, "yes learning can be hard sometimes, but you will get this" is encouraging.. or "yes, you might not get it yet, but I know you can learn this-lets try together".  

Our rich and diverse culture at Windsong Heights is one to be celebrated.  During this holiday season, I wish your family a wonderful time of peace and joy.  I thank you for the trust you have in our school and your support.  Most of all thank you for the gift and privilege of being able to work with your amazing children each day.  

Penny Beaudry

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