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Class Placement Requests

Every spring, at most schools, there are requests for class placements.

The following are some of the things considered when creating class lists: classroom numbers; gender equity; balancing various abilities, including social development of each child within the classroom, and recommendations from the previous school/teacher.

Please trust that a lot of time is devoted to creating class lists for students. The ultimate goal is to create balanced classes, which are uniformly diverse and will promote all students’ learning and curriculum coordination. If you feel that you can contribute further information regarding the learning needs of your child, please do so in writing and email it to Penny Beaudry ( by the last school day of May.

The purpose of your letter is to communicate the learning needs of your child. Although we will do our best to accommodate requests, with all of the factors that are considered in creating class lists, your request may not be possible.

Please ensure that your letter includes the following:

  • Child's Full Name
  • Current teacher and school
  • Educational reason for requested placement
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