Registration FAQ

How will I know what my child’s designated school is for September 2017?

A. Attendance boundary maps are available for each community and school on RVS’ website under Schools/ Attendance Areas.

NOTE: The attendance area for Jumping Pound Ridge, Bow Ridge and Bow Meadows in Cochane are currently under review. RVS administration is proposing a change that these communities remain with their existing attendance areas. A decision will be made by the Board of Trustees in February, 2017. An update will be provided once a decision has been made by the Board of Trustees. Regardless of the outcome of this decision, new parents are to register at Glenbow as originally planned. 

Q. How will current RVS students be registered for their new school or program?

A. All Gr. 1 - 7 RVS students will be automatically enrolled in their designated school and/or program of choice.

Q. How do new students register?

A. All K-7 students can register for their designated school beginning Jan. 16, 2017, when RVS hosts Advanced Registration Week. New students designated to attend one of RVS’ new schools will register as follows:

  • Windsong Heights - Kindergarten and new to RVS Gr. 1 - 4 student registrations will be accepted at Herons Crossing, Cooper’s Crossing and Nose Creek; new Gr. 5 - 7 registrations at C.W. Perry and Muriel Clayton. Parents who wish to enroll their child in French Immersion (K - Gr. 1) must register at A.E. Bowers, the designated FI school for Windsong’s catchment area.

Q. If siblings are designated to attend different schools and parents want students to be together, what will be the process for out-of-attendance application?

A. Parents wanting their children to attend a school other than their designated school will be required to submit an out-of-attendance area application form for consideration. Out-of-area requests are approved based on the availability of space, resources, and programming needs. Applications are reviewed in April, with parents informed shortly thereafter.

Q. Will transportation be provided if my child attends a school that is out of area?

A. Parents are responsible to provide transportation to the RVS requested school, or the nearest RVS bus stop, if there is space available on the bus. RVS will provide transportation services to Muriel Clayton and C.W. Perry for students residing in the following communities until June 30, 2020: Prairie Winds, Windsong, Southwinds, Hillcrest, Morningside, and Cooper’s Crossing.

Q. What is the policy regarding distance for transportation?

A. In RVS, student bus services are provided to K-8 students who reside more than 1.5 km and to grade 9 to 12 students who reside more than 2 km from their designated school site.

Q. Will the new schools have similar programs, resources and levels of support?

A. All RVS schools, including new sites, will have a full range of programs with access to support of specialists from the Division and within the school.

Q. How will students with special needs be successfully transitioned between schools?

A. Learning Support Teams from both the current and receiving schools will collaborate to ensure the programming needs of students are maintained.

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