RVS Cannabis Policy

From Penny Beaudry, Principal of Windsong Heights School:

As you are probably aware, the Cannabis Act comes into effect on October 17th, 2018, however, there are still rules already in effect that deal with the possession and use of Cannabis products in the context of the school environment. This is a reminder that any form of smoking, including vaping, is not permitted on school property.

For information on the federal legality of vaping and minors, please click on this LINK.

Following are some highlights:
- No person shall furnish a tobacco product or vaping product to a young person in a public place or in a place to which the public has access.
- No person shall send or deliver a tobacco product or vaping product to a young person.

For information on the provincial law on vaping, please click on this LINK. (Link will download PDF)

Some highlights include:
- No minor shall smoke a tobacco product in any outdoor place or area to which members of the public have access as of right or by express or implied invitation, including a highway within the meaning of the Traffic Safety Act, 2005 Section 4 Chapter
- In a school building, on school grounds or in any parking areas used in relation to a school building, or (d) in a vehicle that is in a public place or in an outdoor place or area referred to in clauses (a) to (c).
- No minor shall possess or consume a tobacco product in a place referred to in subsection (1).

For Rocky Views Administrative Procedure on a Smoke free School Division, please click on this LINK.

Some highlights include:
- We follow the Tobacco Reduction Act and the Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Act cited above

For Windsong Heights School guidelines, we follow Rocky View's procedures on a smoke free school division.

Some highlights include:

- In view of the proven harmful effects of smoking and other tobacco products, and in recognition of Alberta Law and Rocky View Schools policy, the use of all tobacco and vaping products are banned at Windsong Heights School, and on or near Windsong Heights School property.
- Cigarettes, cigarette packages, smokeless tobacco products and other smoking related materials such as e-cigarettes, matches, lighters, cigarette papers, and so on, are not to be in the school building, or on the school property nor should activities take place within visible line of sight from the building.
- Field Trips, Physical Education classes held away from the school, school buses, ski trips, extra-curricular trips and so on, are all considered to be an extension of the school program, and are therefore subject to all policies listed above.
- For the purpose of this policy, the school property includes all areas up to and including: the sidewalk and pathways around the building, the tree line on the south, east and west side of the school grounds, “Near the school property” will include any areas visible from the school or school property.

I appreciate your continued support in this area and a big thank you for working with us to ensure your child comes to school ready to learn and is not bringing illegal tobacco products to school or is under the influences of an illegal product during their time at school.


Penny Beaudry


Windsong Heights School

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