Windsong Heights Learning Supports

Dear Parents,

As you are likely aware, Windsong Heights School uses a team approach to supporting the literacy development and learning of all students.  Classroom teachers work closely with the Learning Support Team including Literacy teachers and Learning Support teachers to create positive learning experiences intended to engage students and meet individual learner needs within an inclusive setting. Classroom assistants and advisors from Rocky View Schools are included as needed.

There are a variety of ways that teaching and learning are happening for children. Small group instruction targeting specific learning needs may occur in your child’s classroom, in the hallway, or in a learning support space.  The groupings are flexible, meaning that there will be movement in and out of groups, depending upon the needs of your child.

We, as a team, will keep you, as parents, informed of the programming that we are offering your child. Should you have any questions, please be sure to call or email your child’s homeroom teacher.


Elizabeth, Megan and Janet

The Learning Support Team:

Elizabeth McClelland (Learning Support Teacher)

Megan Martin (Learning Support Teacher)

Janet Bang (Literacy and ELL Teacher)
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