Hybrid Scholastic Book Fair Information


Hybrid Scholastic Book Fair Information

In-person Fair:

  • Only open to students and staff during regular business hours - 8am to 3pm. The fair will be held in the Learning Commons.

  • Classes will attend the fair during their regular Learning Commons block.

  • Students can bring cash, debit or credit cards to purchase books. As inventory permits, books will be provided when purchased. When copies run out they will be reordered and provided the week following the fair.

  • If students are not purchasing in-person they will be able to browse and write down which books they are interested in so that they can then be purchased at home online.

Online Fair:

  • Opens the morning of Monday November 15th and closes on Thursday November 18th at 11:59pm EST.  Everyone will have access to this part of the fair.  Please click on the provided link below during the fair dates.

Important Information:

  • No shipping cost – all books will be shipped to Windsong for distribution after the fair!

  • Students must present proof of purchase with their order number to collect their books.

  • No regular Learning Commons book exchanges will occur during the fair.

Scholastic Book Fair Link:

Thank you for your interest and participation!  All purchases earn rewards for our school that enable us to purchase books for our collection.

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