All About Me

Hi there!

I’m Maryelle Data. I am delighted and very thankful to be your child’s teacher this year. I look forward to getting to know each one of you and work alongside with you all.

A little bit about me… I was born and raised in the Philippines. My family and I moved to Toronto to get us the best education possible. My parents believe in high-quality education, and that stuck to me until this day.

I earned my degree in Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University in 2012 and my teaching degree at the University of Toronto in 2013. Upon graduation and being an explorer that I am, I accepted a job in Manitoba working in the Cree Nation Community in Norway House where I taught Grade 3 for two years. Of course, I did not stop there and had to try life in the West. My husband and I, and our dogs Yoda and Moka fell in love with this beautiful province. I first taught occasionally with CBE for a few months before I took over a Grade 2 class at Herons Crossing School. When Windsong Heights opened, I was proud to be the first ones to welcome the community into our new school! This will be my 3rd year here - five years teaching young scholars.

What I love to do outside school is cooking, working out, walking with my dogs, travelling, and reading books.

My teaching philosophy: I believe that each child is unique, and each brings his/her own learning styles in my classroom. My role is to support and bring out the skills in each one of them to reach their full potential. I see each of them as an important catalyst in their own learning. I have high expectations of ALL my students and strongly believe that they can be successful. I involve, encourage, and inspire them to have their own voice. Teaching is a process, therefore; I  create a vibrant atmosphere that encourages discovery, questioning, investigation, discussions, and sharing. My classroom is designed as a third teacher with the use of displays, posters, and diverse designs. Lastly, I believe that having a strong relationship between the school staff, teachers, and families is the foundation of all these.



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