Welcome to Humanities Seven


In humanities seven, we will be doing a lot of reading and writing. In social studies we will be using stories to explore the perspectives of Canadians involved in the major events of our history, and will have a monthly project where we connect with those stories. The projects will include movie-making, podcasting, newspaper article writing and much more. This work will be supplemented and worked on in Language Arts, where students will read several books, work on their grammar and spelling and connect with storytelling through different media.
Social Studies
We will explore the history of Canada over the last ~600 years. Battles, hard-earned rights and world events have shaped our country. We will be creating podcasts, videos, making posters, and writing about how the past shapes our everyday life.


Language Arts
More than just reading and writing, we will use music, film, theatre, and photography to tell stories. We will read a few great novels, including "The Breadwinner", and learn to develop powerful pieces of communication.

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