Your child's homework in Grade One is to practice weekly sight words and to read on a regular basis!

Sight Words:

Each child will have a sight words booklet which they will take to and from school daily They will work through the word lists at their own pace. When students are ready to be tested on a list, they will place it in a testing bin in the classroom.  I will do my best to test your child on the day it is returned, but this is not always possible.  Once they have read all of the words and phrases on the list they will get a stamp for that list and move on to the next!

Home Reading Program:

Your child will be taking part in our home reading program this year! There are a variety of books just for grades ones to choose from.  It is hoped that your child exchanges their reading book each day and that you read the book with them each night.  If you need to keep the book for a couple of days to finish it, that is ok! Book exchange routines will be taught throughout September, however, after that it will become your child's responsibility to change their book when they get to school.  They will also bring home one book a week from our school library.

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