Gregg Moss

Greeting all.  My name is Gregg Moss and I have the privilege of working with a whole bunch of great kids in the Grade 7 program this year.  This is my second year at Windsong, and I am thrilled to be a Wolf!

A little background on me.  I'm entering year 18 of teaching.  I have spent 8 years at George McDougall High School right here in Airdrie teaching mostly science and PE.  Prior to that I was in Crossfield teaching grade 5.  My interest in school besides teaching, have been coaching.  However this year I have decided to take a step back and let some of the newer staff (re: younger) take the reins.  Look for my return to the sidelines next year.

I am always available for a conversation should the need arise.  The best way to contact me is through email at the following address:


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