Student/Parent Handbook

Patriotic Exercises and Opening Daily Procedures

1.  The Principal is responsible for the design of the Opening Exercises held at the school and approves all matters included in the exercises.

1.1  Opening Exercises shall not include the recitation of any religious prayer.

1.2  Opening Exercises may include a “quiet time.”

1.3  A statement advising parents of the practice and the general format of                    school opening exercises is to be included in the School Handbook.

2.  Parents may request to have their child(ren) opt out of patriotic exercises for            cultural and/or religious beliefs.

3.  Students are to be allowed to leave the classroom or to remain silent in the              classroom during the patriotic exercise.

3.1 Students are expected to display appropriate behaviour in their                                alternative activities.


Cell Phone Policy

To our grade 7 & 8 students and guardians,

During our 2018 school year, our teaching teams and administration have noticed an unfortunate trend regarding the increases in the improper use of cell phones during school hours. As a result, we have decided to restrict the use of cell phones to before school, during lunchtime break, and after school.

We know that this is already a family rule for many students; we will align our expectations as well. While we acknowledge that cell phones can be a useful tool, the current reality is that phone use for texting and posting in the classroom is detracting from student learning. Additionally, social media can become a privacy concern.

As of January 14, any phone brought to school will be expected to be stored in student’s lockers during class time. If a phone is brought out in class for ANY reason outside of these times, the student’s phone will be left at the office. Students will be permitted to pick the phone up at the end of the school day. A notification will also be sent to the guardian of the student. Repeat offenses will be considered defiance.

Administration will work with parents on an individual basis to ensure school expectations are respected and followed. While this is a change, please know that if you are concerned about contacting your children immediately during class time, they can be reached by calling the school office and being forwarded to the teachers’s classrooms in emergency or imminent situations. Headphones are still allowed in class during appropriate times, but cell phones will not be permitted as a music playing device.

Other technology is still permitted at school, provided it is used for appropriate purposes. If other technology is interpreted by a teacher to be used inappropriately, it will also be confiscated and subject to the same consequences. Finally, if a phone is required for an in-class activity or project (such as connecting with parents for updates or sharing), it will be clearly communicated to students when they are allowed to retrieve their phones from their lockers.

We hope to have your support as we initiate this policy change. As a school, we truly believe this change will result in a more productive and positive learning environment for our students. If you have any questions about the change, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or administration to discuss your concerns with the understanding that consistency is important.

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